2021 Conferences

Fall Conference

National GFOA Update - Chris Morrill and Michael Bryant 

ARP Reporting - Kara Millonzi 

GASB 87 Compliance - Kasey Harris

Address from State Treasurer Dale Folwell

Diversity and Inclusion - Part 1 -  Ron Carlee and Cheryl Orr

Diversity and Inclusion - Part 2 - Ron Carlee and Cheryl Orr

Stress & Time Management During Challenging Times - Denise Ryan 

Economic Update - Mark Vitner 

Water Infrastructure Financing & Viability - Shadi Eskaf

Legislative Update - Chris Nida and Amber Harris 


Spring Conference

Economic Update - Mike Walden

Cyber Intro - Chase Langhorne 

Cyber Panel

Fiduciary Topic - Greg Allison and Susan McCullen

Ethics - Melissa Galasso

Legislative Update - NCLM & NCACC

State Auditor - Beth Wood (no course materials provided)

Creating Emotionally Healthy Workplaces During COVID-19 - Leisha DeHart-Davis 

LGC/SOG Update - Greg Allison/Sharon Edmundson/Susan McCullen


Summer Conference

UNC SOG Update - Kara Millonzi

Lease Prep for GASB 87 - Panel

Economic Development - Randy Hemann

Legislative Update - NCLM & NCACC 

Creating Vibrant Vibes - Nicole Greer

LGC/GASB Update - Greg Allison & Susan McCullen 

Economic Update from Bank of America - Ian Rogow & Alex Lin

Regionalization - Shadi Eskaf

Federal Procurement - Uniform Guidance - Connor Crews