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In October of 1953, twenty-five men met at the George Vanderbilt Hotel in Asheville to address their objectives for governmental finance.

"To promote the improvement of methods of governmental financing...encourage the use of common terminology...encourage periodic independent audits and continuous internal audits within governmental units...achieve greater success in efficiency and services of government...";

Out of their concern, and the dedication of five men in particular--Ralph Dixon of Winston-Salem, Rainey Pope of Burlington, Dan Umstead of Durham, Lake Crowe of High Point, and A. E. Guy of Statesville--the North Carolina Government Finance Officers Association was formed. Their goal was to develop professional and ethical standards among their contemporaries.

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The Association continues to promote improvement in the methods of governmental financing, and encourages its members to follow the standards developed and recommended by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) of the United States and Canada, the Governmental Accounting Standard Board, the Department of the State Treasurer and other recognized authorities in the field of municipal administration.

The North Carolina Government Finance Officers Association recognizes the needs of its members for opportunities to become better informed of emerging new standards and policies within government finance.

It sponsors many professional programs in close cooperation with the North Carolina School of Government, North Carolina League of Municipalities, and the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners.

Throughout the years, program topics have addressed the profession's diversity. The nature, size, and scope of the organization is carefully considered when program topics are developed. Some of the programs have included Bond Ratings and Disclosure Regulations in Bond Sales, Financial Statements and Audit Reports, Budgeting for Small Governmental Units, and Accounting for Investment Earnings.

Also, a certification program for the Public Finance Officers has been formed.


Today, with over 400 members, the North Carolina Government Finance Officers Association continues to work for a strong, professionally-oriented organization.

Active membership is open to all finance or accounting officers, whether elected or appointed, employed in any public jurisdiction of the State.

Associate membership is open to any other person who is interested in the principles and practices of governmental finance and who supports the purposes of the Association.


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Meetings and Conferences

In addition to the various workshops or other programs sponsored during the year, the Association holds two meetings per year, one at their spring conference in March and the other of at the summer conference.

All meetings are open to its members and any employee of a governmental unit in the state who is engaged generally in the field of public finance. Voting rights are restricted, however, to dues-paying members.

The association will typically hold a spring conference in March, a summer conference, and a fall conference in the central western area of the state.  All conferences will include activities and sessions that are designed to foster and improve governmental finance in North Carolina and promote networking opportunities.  Separate, concurrent sessions focused on relevant current topics for cities and counties are also provided at the conferences. Visit Current Events to see when the next one will be held and if reservations for any upcoming conferences have started.


At the annual spring meeting, the executive committee, charged with transacting the business of the Association, is elected. Presently, the Executive Committee consists of the President, President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and three directors elected from the Members at large to serve one-year terms. One member of the Executive Committee will be elected from each of the following: a county with a 25,000 or less population, a city or town with 10,000 or less population and a special district or public authority. Two members shall be appointed from each of the following: a county with a population of more than 25,000 and a city or town with a population of more than 10,000. The immediate Past President shall also be a member of the Executive Committee.